Automatic course planning software

  • The number of overall common teaching of the school day and described the number of daily lessons.
  • The school provided lessons are not placed on closing hours for the entire course.
  • All teachers, classroom, classrooms and closing hours for the courses can be done. (Conditions)
  • define the course of the course displayed more teachers and classrooms.
  • Can be combined under more than one class or group lessons.
  • Courses, teachers, classrooms, lessons can show the total number of hours defined for classes and groups.
  • make individual listing.
  • The deployment process through improvements to the course.
  • Before starting the defined course of random distribution makes 5%.
  • The deadline for completion of the distribution is based on the first random placement efficiency.
  • Distribution of teachers made the program shows a preview of some of the classes and classrooms.
  • Distribution of course made of teachers, classes and classrooms are the outcomes of the program manually.
  • Preview and output in groups shows partitioned within the program.
  • teacher in preview and output, classrooms, press groups and class information of the cell.
  • You can define your office hours or the form can be divided into blocks.
  • You can give the desired day of the course or hours or time intervals (such as guidance are settled on Wednesday last hours).
  • You can finish off the day and time of your program by introducing your teachers very easy (to get enough space mathematical lessons can be settled).
  • Teacher of the course you can see in which class would take many hours per week.
  • our rich reporting types (teachers and classroom programs to hand the teacher enters the class which classes which, according to the class lists and teacher collective sheets) you can get the paper printout of all the reports you need.
  • You can schedule backups as you want and you can return to your program that you want when you want.

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