Önalpos Restaurant Cafe Management Program

Önalpos Restaurant Cafe Management Program

FrontPOS can be customized to any restaurant type with the simplest and easiest-to-use built to date; It is a restaurant management program that can be used with normal touchscreen computers, tablets and printers, which can produce all the accounts and inspection tools you dream up with unlimited variable and adaptable structure that can result in the fastest and safest order, payment and service transactions.


SambaPOS is built to provide all the software infrastructure that a restaurant needs.

Café & Bar

Thanks to the touch screens, you can instantly transfer orders to your name and kitchen printer.


You can get your order quickly and practically thanks to the caller id, the customer identification feature from the phone number.

Fast food

We aimed to reach the perfect solution for the busiest business environments.

Beach & Pool

You can work with prepaid cards for your customers' convenience.

Franchise - Chain

It is possible to offer the ideal solution and branch follow-up to branches in multi-branch enterprises.

Customizable Structure

Create Unlimited Menu with Color and Picture

You can design the screens that your employees can use most comfortably by creating appropriate product groups. By defining different payment methods you can access the detailed cash report at the end of the day. You can add photos of your products to the menu, according to your departments, you can prepare special menus for morning - evening, christmas, birthday celebrations.

Use All Work Shapes in FrontPOS

You can run a la carte, fast food and takeout services departments depending on a single database in the PrePOS. You can design menus specific to departments, you can sell different products at different prices in these menus. With authorization features, you can assign your staff to these departments and receive departmental reports.

Do not waste time with Currency Calculations

You can define an unlimited number of currencies. You can take your payments in these currencies and give them in a different currency that is automatically calculated over money. You can track currencies separately or cumulatively in your case report.

General features:

User-friendly visual design and easy to use

Personnel access control with password and authorization

Unlimited menu, category and product configuration

Create product options and option groups

Buy orders by touching product images

Receive orders by option, quantity and prime

In-store catering, cancellation and return features

Order grouping, splitting, and merging

Making sales from the eastern city with the fast selling feature

Order and payment printing from cash register and kitchen printer

Receiving payment by cash, credit card, currency and ticket

Create unlimited floor and table layout plan

Table changing, moving and joining

Day summary, sales and collection reports

Stock movements, warnings and reports

Verify stock levels with periodic counts

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